JunE - JulY 2020

The Jardins Pedralbes Festival supports the celebration of the first Mediterranean Day

The Mediterranean Sea has inspired many artists throughout history. A hub of cultural, commercial and artistic exchange, the Mediterranean region is home to more than 480 million people on three continents and 46,000 km of coastline. In order to foster a sense of community and unity in the region, the 42 member states of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) declared November 28 as the official Mediterranean Day, to be celebrated for the first time this year 2021.

Jardins Pedralbes Festival supports the celebration of the first Mediterranean Day and shares its festive essence, which recognizes Mediterranean culture and embraces the rich diversity of the region. In commemoration of the anniversary of the Barcelona Process, which launched the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership following its celebration in 1995, Mediterranean Day is an opportunity to showcase issues of concern, highlight regional achievements and mobilize political will and resources to address shared challenges.

The most famous song to Mare Nostrum in the Spanish language is sung by Joan Manuel Serrat: “Qué le voy a hacer si yo / Nací en el Mediterráneo” (What can I do if I / Was born in the Mediterranean). His song, which has become an anthem of the Mediterranean, is now 50 years old. Together with the UfM and other organizations, institutions and anonymous people, the Jardins Pedralbes Festival, an emblematic event of Barcelona’s summer, joins the celebration of Mediterranean Day to extol the Mediterranean music, culture and gastronomy that unites us.

Celebrate the Day of the Mediterranean too!

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