Zahara and Delaporte concert in Barcelona - ALMA Poble Espanyol

Zahara + Delaporte






Zahara + Delaporte


“La Puta Rave was born with PUTA, but I feel that it is part of me beyond this album and this moment. It has become a format in which we feel free, where it has been possible to create a space for expression and reivindication, for music and dance, but also for reflection. It arises thanks to this album, but we feel that it goes beyond it, which is why Rave will continue with me throughout the years and will coexist with my other proposals, such as the most acoustic or the configuration that I imagine for my next albums.

The rave is for me something alive, that will mutate, it will be nourished by the music that I am making, but also by the music that I am listening to, feeling, connecting with at that moment.

In 2023 I will start preparing my next album, creating my next songs and after these almost two years without stopping we are going to rest as much as we can, but it makes me very happy to tell you that there will be very few concerts and that everyone who do in 2023 in Spain will only be in RAVE format, with a new repertoire, different staging and some surprises that I'm looking forward to sharing.

And I am very excited that ZAHARA RAVE will come to Barcelona on July 15 for the Alma by Festival Jardins Pedralbes”. By Zahara.


The electro-pop group's career has experienced a stratospheric leap in terms of subject matter. If the album "Las Montañas" was an ode to freedom and self-improvement and the project "Titanas" a claim for feminism, with "Abril" we find ourselves before a more earthly message, from day to day, that shows the most urgent feelings of Delaporte.

The album, produced and composed by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi and mastered by Santiago Quizhpe, is accompanied by a short titled “April: Hasta quedarnos rotos”. Directed by Martina Hache, it shows the concept of the album under the interpretation of the author.

“Abril” is completed by three remixes, by Van17ino6, L'Voix and Oddliquor. And it is that the idea of ​​the group is to return to the most clubbing sounds of their career. "We want to leave organic behind and return to the club format, to dance, to live a party with all our followers," they say.