Yann Tiersen - Festival Jardins Pedralbes

10è Festival Jardins Pedralbes

Yann Tiersen






Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen, one of the most respected musicians of his generation, will present at the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival his latest album "Portrait" which was released at the end of 2019.
He became internationally famous in 2001 for his work as a soundtrack composer. However, his career is much more than that, before and after that date. He dissociates himself from the label of composer of music for films - "I am not only a composer nor do I have a past in classical music"- and his biography confirms this from an early age, since after studying violin and piano from the age of 6 to 14, and even trying the possibility of being a conductor, he rebelled against this and, inspired by Joy Division and The Stooges, took up the electric guitar and entered post-punk during the second half of the 80s. It was the first bold step in a career that has been nourished and polished by melancholy extravagances and that has been able to distil in a single bottle the most varied influences, from street music to the avant-garde, from minimalism to rock, from waltz to chanson. Besides three soundtracks and three live albums, his discography, inaugurated in 1995 with "La Valse des monstres", already has another ten titles.
In December last year he released "Portrait" (also produced at The Eskal), where he recorded again, reinterpreting and recontextualizing, twenty-two pieces of his entire career, with the addition of three new songs.