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Synth-pop duo Soft Cell are known globally for their 1981 hit version of Gloria Jones' 'Tainted Love', turning the original pop-soul tune into a haunting electronic song. Its members, singer-songwriter Marc Almond and producer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Ball, created the band in England at the end of the 1970s. They released four UK Top 20 albums between 1981 and 1984, before pursuing separate music careers. On a second honeymoon, Soft Cell reunited in the early 1900s, releasing the album "Cruelty Without Beauty" in 2002 and scoring a UK Top 40 hit with the song "The Night".

After that work and until 2018 they were publishing several live shows and compilations, around ten, which reestablished their name and legacy in the popular imagination. And when in 2018 it seemed that they were going to say goodbye with a great final London concert -the one that includes the live "Say Hello Wave Goodbye: Live At The O2" (2019)-, they signed a new record agreement, in this case with BMG. Shortly after, they released a brand new studio album, “Happiness Not Included” (2022), where, unlike twenty years ago, when their return seemed somewhat forced, they have honestly and relevantly taken up the best of their eighties sound, giving rise to a remarkable album that they no longer seemed capable of billing.