M-Clan and Seguridad Social in concert in Barcelona

M-Clan + Seguridad Social






M-Clan + Seguridad Social


M-Clan is setting out again on the road with renewed strenght and after their successful acoustic duo tour.

On this occasion, the Murcian band led by Carlos Tarque and Ricardo Ruiperez, get back their band to perform their greatest hits in an electric format.


From a dream bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Seguridad Social was born, of the commitment and curiosity of a young Valencian that desired to do something great, of a commitment to a life full of creativity and passion. So lost in his
dream, José Manuel Casañ embarked on a long journey in May 1982 dedicated to music and today it has been 40 years of hard work and hits that have been anthems of our country.

José Manuel Casañ, composer, leader and voice of Seguridad Social, has experimented with different types of music. At the beginning, he started with punk and little by little he joined other styles, from ska to salsa, introducing new instruments, as later with reggae and rock-soul, all to end in their own style. without a doubt and as he himself defines it, his music is based on Mediterranean Rock.

The result of all this inspiration is 20 released albums, two of them compilations, 49 singles and maxis, and 24 video clips. Furthermore, the music of the band succeeded not only in Spain but also throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, USA and Latin America. Seguridad Social since its peak in 1991, continues to complete year after year the most successful tours in this country,
having one of the best live performances of Spanish Rock.