Los Palmeras + Chico Trujillo in concert in Barcelona

Los Palmeras + Chico Trujillo + Guacamayo Tropical DJ’s






Los Palmeras + Chico Trujillo + Guacamayo Tropical DJ's

Tropical and Caribbean rhythms will be the main stars at the Friend's Day party. For their part, Los Palmeras, will bring all their cumbia from Santa Fe and we’ll sing us the hits of their more than 50 years of experience: "Cumbia Luna", "Ayer, Hoy y Siempre", "Voló la Paloma" or their great hit “El Bombón Asesino”, from the album “Un Sentimiento”. 

To celebrate this half century of history, the group started in 2022 with its “La Ruta del Oro” tour, filling stadiums in Latin America and spreading its contagious energy wherever they go. In 2023 they promise to continue giving war with the publication of two new albums and new shows that we will be able to enjoy very soon. 

The celebration is complemented by Chico Trujillo’s show, one of the most important orchestras in Chile. Without a doubt, they are the soundtrack of all the parties, from Arica to Punta Arenas. Their music travels from Balkan to reggae rhythms, without forgetting his magnetic and catchy punk and ska. Behind them they have twelve years and five albums that reaffirm their indisputable power within Chilean popular culture. The fundamental key to their success lies in the fact that they have been able to unite the remnants of the past with the global influence of alternative culture and have merged everything under the Pan-American banner of cumbia. 

The icing on the cake is the touch of Guacamayo Tropical Dj's. The electronic duo plays in a warm sea of ​​organic impulses that perfectly complement the musical style of the other two bands. Their mixes rescue and spread the tradition of the Latin tropics with modern rhythms and elements in an exercise of flawless harmonic. In their 10-year career, Colombian artists have not ceased to amaze everyone with their sessions full of flow and color.