Guitarricadelafuente [SOLD OUT] in concert in Barcelona - ALMA Festival

Guitarricadelafuente [SOLD OUT]






Guitarricadelafuente en ALMA | Festival Jardins Pedralbes [SOLD OUT]

There are many elements of Álvaro Lafuente that refer to his roots, beginning with the diminutive of his artistic name, which comes from the Aragonese town of his grandparents. Or the inseparable acoustic guitar from which it takes his name. With his first LP, 'La Cantera', Guitarrica is renewed and sounds melancholic but at the same time, happy. He mixes a peñaparda tambourine with synthesizers, goes from the legüero bass drum to his own peculiar guitar and agitates Labordeta with Bon Yver. His pieces sound contemporary, however they fit with tradition in a puzzle with a vocation for select works.

The record that he has launched connects his roots with, for instance, the “ahí viene la cantera”, a common greeting said by the elders of his town, Cuevas de Cañart in the Maestrazgo of Teruel, to the kids of the village. “‘La Cantera’ represents the relay of youth in each generation, a story about the boys who embrace their origin and are proud of it”, he explains. It is, in short, the reinvention of a mythical place that he approaches by the hand of Raül Refree, one of the great producers of the moment. Together they explore different paths without losing the bond with tradition as understood by the artist.

‘El conticinio’, ‘Guantanamera’, ‘Agua y mezcal’, ‘nana triste’, ‘ABC’...with these and more singles that add up to millions of listeners he has hung the ‘sold out’ sign in different cities with his ‘La Girica’ tour, in 2019 he was named as one of the revelation musical phenomena in Spain by different media in 2020 he was nominated for three categories of the MIN Independent Music Awards: Best Emerging Artist, Best Song of the Year for ‘Agua y mezcal’ and Best Videoclip for ‘Guantanamera’.

This new album is a decided step forward for a guy who rebels against being categorized and who inaugurates a stage in his career. He leans on folklore and poetry and delves into introspective but colorful sounds. He is a refined version of that kid who one day became a mass idol.

The same day that his concert is announced at ALMA | Festival Jardins Pedralbes, Guitarricadelafuente publishes “Romancera”, his new single, a tribute to Barcelona. There he grew up and it has culminated into a song inspired by the nocturnal magic and rogue of Barcelona, the one that has welcomed Álvaro de Lafuente for three years. The ghosts that inhabit the night in Raval or Paral·lel mix to fade into their shadows with the first light of dawn.

UPDATE: This concert is sold out. Only this website and Ticketmaster are official sale points.