Goran Bregović + Balkan Paradise Orchestra in concert in Barcelona

Goran Bregović + Balkan Paradise Orchestra






Goran Bregović + Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Goran Bregović

lnternationally recognized for being the author of the soundtracks for several world-famous films, Bregović is one of the most important composers in the Balkan region. His production mixes sounds of traditional folklore with rock, Bulgarian music and other musical styles. And that is precisely what makes him such a different and special composer. The musician Goran Bregovic continues with his particular Balkan odyssey recovering, together with his inseparable Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, the music of the gypsies. 

Goran Bregovic presents a new album, entitled 'Three letters from Sarajevo', where he unites the violin music of different Christian, Jewish and Islamic artists, and brings together various voices from different countries, such as the singer-songwriter Bebe or the singer and Israeli actress Riff Cohen, the Algerian singer of Berber origin Rachid Taha or the Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan, among many others. On this occasion, the musician has explained that he is not trying to launch any work with a political nature on the market, but that he is trying to "bring together artists" and "transmit" his interest in "utopia". "All the good things in this world start from the utopia", he has said regarding his interest in uniting supporters of different religions in a work that will serve to "dance and drink". 

Balkan Paradise Orchestra

This 2023 Balkan Paradise Orchestra premieres Catarsis, its new show. Catarsis symbolizes the moment of emotional release through music, movement and the party feeling that BPO transmits in their concerts. The energy shared between the band and the audience makes this catharsis possible; a unique and powerful show, whose choreographic staging blends perfectly with their original music proposal. In Catarsis you will be able to listen to their own songs and some new versions with very diverse sound influences, such as Balkan, Latin or electronic music. After having premiered the concert in New York, BPO will travel from Barcelona to many cities of the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, America and Asia in what will be their most international tour.