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10è Festival Jardins Pedralbes

Els Amics de les Arts






Els Amics de les Arts

The only concert of the summer by Els Amics de les Arts

For the first time, the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival presents Els Amics de les Arts live. It does so on a unique and very special occasion to experience a concert by the group, since it is the only performance outside of tour that the band will perform this summer.

Currently, Els Amics de les Arts are recording their new album, which will be released in early 2023. It is for this reason that they have no other concert planned, apart from this exceptional concert in the Pedralbes Gardens on July 17. For this occasion they are preparing a unique live show with many surprises and where some of their new songs will coexist with others already classics that they will revisit, such as Jean Luc, 4-3-3 or Luisiana or Els Camps de Cotó.

With more than fifteen years of experience and a unique position in Catalan music, Els Amics de les Arts published their latest work 'El senyal que esperaves' in the middle of the pandemic and accompanied us from home in times of lockdown. As soon as it was possible, they adapted to the new forms of live music and gave concerts when it still seemed impossible to do so, staying on stage even in the most difficult times.

With their fifth album, 'El senyal que esperaves', Els Amics de les Arts have received the Enderrock Award for Best Pop Record 2020 according to critics, as well as great praise from critics and audiences. In the summer of 2021, the group was the Catalan Media Corporation's song of the summer with the song 'No sé com t'ho fas'.