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Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters is a London formation installed in the center of the hurricane of music that sets the festive trend. The fault was the first of two singles that rose like foam to the top of the blogosphere in 2010, “Xtatic Truth” and “I Love London”. It was hard to find a label to define them: lo-fi tropical electro, electro-folk, folktronica? All three and one other were accepted. Their mix of genres not only drew attention because of its peculiarity, but also because they served it live with an extra euphoria and passion. Referring to Ibizan house, bordering on drum'n'bass and releasing adrenaline (them and the public) with the txalaparta, a traditional Basque percussion, embedded in its rain of rhythms.

When they released their debut LP, “Star Of Love”, at the end of that year the UK charts opened their arms to them: number 10 on the dance charts and 16 on the indie charts. In May 2013, its successor arrived, “Cave Rave”, a work they devised in the Basque Country, a territory that was an integral part of the sounds that inspired their first album.