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Agnes Obel

Anges Obel's long-awaited fourth album, "Myopia," saw the light of day earlier in 2020, and was his first to be released on Deutsche Grammophon, Universal Music Group's prestigious Yellow Label (Europe and Asia) and Blue Note (North America).

"It started with a sense that I was struggling to escape my own tunnel vision. Everything around me seemed to reinforce those tendencies, so I wanted to portray that feeling of being trapped inside a state of mind with very little peripheral vision, where what remains visible only intensifies more and more."

Following the same principles as with her previous albums ("Philharmonics", "Aventine" and "Citizen Of Glass"), Obel's most recent album has been a solo project in every sense (like her previous three studio albums): she has spent countless hours alone in the studio over the past two years composing, recording, producing and mixing.

"For me the production is intertwined with the lyrics and the story behind the songs," says Obel. This is precisely what makes his music so irresistible and the same can be predicated of "Myopia". "Paradoxically, I need to create for myself my own myopia in order to make music."