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Alvaro Soler

Alvaro Soler started his meteoric career at the beginning of 2015 from Berlin where he edited his first hit 'El mismo sol' which became number 1 in sales throughout Europe. His videoclip surpasses 170 million views. Shortly after, he releases a new version of the song together with Jennifer López, who enters the iTunes charts of more than 30 European countries, becoming one of the best-selling songs worldwide that year.
In 2016 the musician premieres 'Sofia' with which he surpasses his previous hit and becomes an international success that currently has 550 million views of his video clip. He edits his first album 'Eterno Agosto' which enters the sales lists in the TOP5 of all European countries.
Currently, with his latest work 'Mar De Colores', the artist is on tour throughout Europe and Latin America.
With this short career Alvaro Soler already has more than 45 Gold and Platinum Discs. His channel VEVO surpasses 1 billion reproductions, he accumulates more than 1 billion streams in Spotify and his social networks are followed by more than 3 million fans from all over the world.